The pandemic led to a surge in the number of wills prepared during 2020, as people considered what their final wishes might be, perhaps for the first time. It is important to leave instructions for the distribution of your assets after your death, and you may also be wondering if you can specify the details of your funeral.

It is natural to want some control over your funeral; whether it is a burial or cremation, where it will take place, what music will be played, who will attend, and so on. However, you may find it a difficult topic to address with your loved ones, or they may be reluctant to speak about it with you.

It is therefore advisable to leave some written instructions to make your wishes known, for your own peace of mind, and to avoid any differences of opinion amongst your loved ones.

You can leave funeral instructions in your Will, but they will not be legally binding as the document is specific to your estate—your property and possessions. If your Will is stored at a solicitor’s office, your family may also not have time to access it before the funeral takes place.

The simplest way to leave written instructions about your funeral is to write a ‘Letter of Wishes’ to accompany your Will. This is not legally binding, but it can be used to provide instructions to your executors on how to carry out your final wishes, including the style of funeral you want, and where any ashes should be scattered.

The Letter of Wishes can also be used to give details of all your main assets and their location, to make the administration of your estate easier. It can be reviewed and altered at any time, should your wishes or circumstances change. However, take care not to include anything in the letter which contradicts your Will, to avoid any disputes.

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